Born of family ties, Melmequer was founded in 2017 by three partners who, in addition to everything that unites them, share a common love for apiculture. Ana, Miguel, and Ricardo, with very different histories of life, decided to create honey of exception, of recognized origin. With its own apiaries, so that everyone had access to the same product that was part of their experiences in Vidigueira. The result is insight, or better, to the palate, and for all tastes - multi-floral, rosemary, honeycomb, dried fruit, and honey.

The Honey

Melmequer is 100% from apiary plants spread around the fields of Vidigueira, where Rosemary predominates. The very own microclimate of the region, populated by brushwoods and soft slopes, offers our honey an exceptional quality.

Rosemary is one of the main secrets behind our honey, which is characterized by a lemon-yellow colour very clear, velvety consistency of mild flavour.


From February to October, our beekeepers visit 25 apiaries every day, where millions of bees work 24 hours a day to feed their queens - and our customers, of course.


Ricardo Moreno

General Manager

An architect by profession, passionate about the world of bees, Ricardo finally decided to embrace his dream. The honey factory is yours (literally) as well as much of the effort you put into creating Melmequer.

Miguel Lima

Technical Director

Miguel is the son and grandson of beekeepers, and bees have always been part of his life. From days spent in the countryside by his grandfather's hand, and after decades of making artisanal honey, with a background in the commercial area. Miguel created Melmequer so that his family history would reach more people.

Ana Sotto-Mayor

Logistics Operations

She attended the agricultural entrepreneurship course and advanced with the first beekeeping project, with Miguel in 1999. Ana fell in love with beekeeping as a teenager when she started dating Miguel. Always connected to science and nature, his passion for the fantastic world of bees has never slowed down, now culminating in the creation of Melmequer.

Rita Portugal

Commercial Director

Rita remembers with nostalgia the summers spent in Vidigueira, the land of uncles. On his trips to Vidigueira, he returned with jars of honey that his uncles distributed to his family, which he took with him to Lisbon, later to Macao and Shanghai, where he lived and worked as an artist, and has always propagated as the best honey in the world. Today Rita is responsible for commercializing Melmequer.